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About Gary of mine

My interest in art in many forms developed early---in grade school the 64 crayon box kid for
the periwinkles, fuchsias, and aquamarines.  

Along the way fibers and textiles became a primary medium, principally weaving.  Look at my
handwoven work casually and see cloth, it's expected.  But take a moment to look deeper, to
see the woven threads.  In the big scheme the threads in life are really most important.

Weaving is an abstract art.  I choose color to express meaning, my thoughts and feelings.  
Each thread is placed in a unique position relevant to a piece's overall composition.  By
using a specific arrangement of those threads a number of my pieces have encoded
messages woven into the fabric.

My other expressions of art include ceramics, metal, and wood
.  Then recently, a touch of
 Visit the Galleries page to see examples.

Regardless of my art medium, you will often see used jeweltones of deep red, green, purple
and blue with black, and most often a shimmer of copper---a palette representing who I am,
where I am from, and to whom I owe gratitude and respect.